jueves, julio 28, 2011


Proclamation 88

We inform you that all those stripped by the Allende government
/ may return to their fatherland: / The Kennecott, the Anaconda,
the ITT, the Dow Petrochemical, / the fellow-citizens who were
robbed of entire provinces, / the Edwards family decimated
through the world, / Viaux, Enrique Marshall, Pablo Rodriguez,
/ the Zig-Zag Company, the Chilean Colony of Colombia, / the
heroic groups of Patria y Libertad / and the patriots who
eliminated Schneider

Proclamation 103

We have found the formula / to depoliticize the universities: /
expelling half the student body / expelling half the faculty / and
shortening the studies to half. / Mens sana in corpore sano.

Proclamation 202

The number of dead is exaggerated / in this cleansing action in
our country. / They are very few. The precise ones, the necessary
ones, / when there are such important things at work / as God,
the Fatherland and Freedom.

Proclamation 331

There is a series of international organisms / that are raising a -
ruckus about something so abstract / as human rights of people
they don't know.

Proclamation 371

/ We are informing all good Chileans, / those who have stayed in
the country, / to hand in their books, their own and those of others.
/ The owners bringing in their volumes / with marginal notes or
underlined little sentences, / must explain, before our
calligraphers, / why they did this and identify themselves
politically / A census of readers in the population will be taken /
attended by corporals and ladies of the Rotary Club.

Proclamation 400

/ We denounce that we are much infiltrated. / We will
immediately complain to the CIA.

Proclamation 595

We want to state that the accession of the Junta / shows that God
/ has not yet withdrawn to his winter quarters.

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